Sunday, March 28, 2010

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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Bedtime drama

I am texting this blog entry because I am too cheap to get internet connection at home. Late at night, if I'm lucky, I piggyback on my neighbors' connections or I go to starbucks or wherever else there's free wifi. But I had this late night epiphany that just can't wait: If I am to get ahead at work I have to play this game called pagbubuhat ng sariling bangko. It's a popular game and almost everyone plays it and that is just the reality of it. And if I can't do it or the other game called deadma when I make mistakes then maybe I need an alternative career.
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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So this is the new year

Happy new year! I know. This blog entry has been a long time coming, constantly interrupted by dinners (Christmas, birthday, farewell) with P's family, babysitting responsibilities, not to mention the three-week-long, three and a half hours three times a week whirlwind of a class. I would just like to say, despite my uncertain job future, my uncertain domestic future, the fact that I was unregistered for failing to pay my tuition by the deadline, and the myriad other uncertainties in my life, 2008 was a good year - a very good year - and 2009 will be too, even if I have to give it constant timeouts and issue constant reminders to it like a petulant child. I am blessed with great friends - both near and far - and my teachers this sem are almost as awesome as my boyfriend.
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Sunday, November 16, 2008

My bad boy

This is my new bike :-) - my first one since the BMX I rode to and from piano lessons. BMX had a steel thingamajig onto which I'd clip my piano pieces. My new bike is a 2009 F7 Cannondale hardtail. It has disc brakes and is a pretty decent entry-level mountain bike. Notice the hottt color scheme. It's a small men's because the small women's came in pink and I'm not really a pink bike kind of girl. P has the same bike, in a patriot blue large. Last week-end we went to Target to get helmets and gloves, and on Monday we went for our first ride around town. We just rode through the streets and on the boardwalk to the 7-11 two towns over because we had to catch the train back to New York as I had midterms that evening. I liked it. The only problem is I have a really hard time carrying my bike up and down stairs. I think it might be too tall for me. Also, my butt hurt like hell and my legs were sore. But, whatever. This is my first real attempt at an active lifestyle. P said we could ride the trails by the reservoir, pack a picnic basket, romantic shit like that. So we'll see.